Thursday, 10 May 2007

Wonders of technology - online tools part 2

Google calendar is another tool we played around with, and it looks like this:

Google calendar allows the user to jot down important events. It even has a "reminder" function, which makes it even more efficient than the standing calendar to remind people about upcoming events. Ho
wever, it has a big disadvantage in that it can only be shared with people who have a google account. According to Mr Siva, people tend to resist signing up for multiple accounts, for which I think a few reasons may be an inability to remember multiple usernames and passwords, and a fear of spam mail. Therefore, the versatility of online tools is not fully exploited by most people, which is indeed a pity as they provide much convenience.

Anyway, because of the fact that people who want to share and input events in the calendar may not have a google account, I searched for online calendars, and finally came across one which looks like this:

The website can be accessed here. This tool allows other people to look a
t the created calendar and even input events without signing up for any account, a strong plus point. To restrict editing of the calendar to certain people, a password can be set up. However, it does not contain as many functions as Google Calendar. Therefore, we can see that technology, despite being versatile, still has its limits and disadvantages, and when choosing a online tool, we should choose the tool that is most suitable for our needs. In this case, although Google calendar is obviously more "hi-tech" than this online calendar, for our purposes what we needed was a calendar for which an account need not be created, hence this calendar was chosen instead.

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