Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Wonders of technology - online tools part 1

Snipshot is an online tool that allows one to edit pictures online. The best thing about Snipshot is that besides being easy to use and being free, no prior download is necessary. For this internship, we used Snipshot to generate mugshots of ourselves, and the homepage looks like this:

The image is opened from the computer into Snipshot and edited using the crop tool inside. After editing the image to satisfaction, we then saved the file in Flickr:

Flickr is a website that allows one to store photos onto the web, and the user can upload photos stored in Flickr by linking from the corresponding URL. However, because Gmail does not allow for uploading via URL, we had to save our edited image in the computer and upload it from the computer.

From this small exercise of creating a mugshot using online tools, I realised the versatility of today's technology. For a simple cropping job, it is not required to purchase and install a graphics editor on the computer. Rather, the internet can take over every needed job by going into the necessary websites. The only prerequisite is a stable internet connection, which is widely available as Singapore opens up wireless hotspots.

Most of the time, we do not even need to store files in the computer. Instead, we can upload everything online via websites such as Flickr. It is possible to access the required files on any computer, so long as there is an internet connection. Thus the computer becomes a mere medium, greatly diminishing the chances of losing important files in the unfortunate event of the computer crashing.

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