Tuesday, 15 May 2007

People introduced at the talk in TKSS

The gist of the talk in TKSS consisted mainly of how inconsiderate disposal of rubbish is costin gthe lives of many animals. Marine creatures such as sea turtles think plastic bags are jelly fish and gulp them down. They end up feeling full all the time and thus ironically, starve to death by not eating food with nutrients. In other words, they are cruelly forced into malnourishment.

So, the students and staff from TKSS are contributing a lot to these victims by clearing up rubbish from our coastlines before they get washed out to sea. This project involves greater involvement in the environment, and I think it's a great way of promoting awareness. Reading and knowing about such incidents barely hold a candle against going down to the coasts and actually cleaning it up. Therefore, I'm proud to announce that Siva has included Danliang and me into one of the days TKSS has dedicated to clean the coasts of Pulau Ubin up.

This blog seems a little out of way for the next portion as I'm going to dedicate a paragrpah to the amazing people we've met for the talk. One of the most energetic and bubbly adults I've ever come acrossed is Grace, the director of
CreativeKids. She's a biologist who used to work in NUS. Makes me wonder how much I'd enjoy her lectures if she happened to teach me. As I said, I've never met a more friendly and fun-orientated adult than her. =)

Along side her is Dionne, who's is a manager for the education programmes at CreativeKids as well. She gives the impression of a very outdoor-ish person with a sunshine personality. Also she gives a more approachable front as she's not too much of a senior from us interns.

Next on the list is Kevin, who has a blog that everyone should go check it out. I haven't, but I bet it has loads of cool technology stuff since his interest lies in how people use the web for communication and the many inter-relationships forged out of it.

Lastly, Eric, the one who brought everyone at the talk to Chek Jawa with his film - "Remember Chek Jawa". Without him, I guess the talk would not be half as interesting as it was.

All this inspiring people put together and awareness of the environmental problems around the world will be heightened!


Sivasothi said...

Eric's film was featured on Habitatnews

Remind me to give him that photo.

Sivasothi said...

Hmmlet's see if this link: http://tinyurl.com/2j6ejw appears more effectively in the recent comments sidebar.