Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Holding the fort alone.

Danliang's stopped internship early to help her dad out. Her schedule's really tight as the deadline to get the textbooks done is this June. So it's just left with me and Siva.

Nevertheless, she couldn't shake away bits and pieces of internship at RMBR. A review on the internship was tasked upon her at the last hour. Only given 2 hours to summarise an eventful three weeks, she churned out a blog styled review. Totally not what Siva wanted - a report styled review.

Anyway he assured her having content and things to write about was at least good enough. He went through the review with us and decided he should change the "review" title to "final analysis". That was after realising we don't analyse events and situations happening around us. The problem is we don't delve into things as much as we should. In fact, I'd say I'm a surface scraper. So yea.

Also, I have to give tribute to this point Siva never mention to stress. My porus memory. It's like things thrown at me from Siva goes through the huge pores of my spongy brain. Well, some get caught but most get out fromt he other side. That was probably the reason why he got me a Ta-da list and emphasized yet again on using the handy dandy notebook. And that's also probably why he kept emphasizing the importance of precision to us. Talk about the headache he had..

Anyway, besides trying to get us to scratch deeper, he touched a lot on relationships and how we must be able to observe people, interact with them and empathise with them. Putting myself into other's shoes, showing respect in different ways to mentors or friends, giving up egos while on apprenticeship, and interacting face to face with other people are amongst the many relationship lessons he touched on. If I were to carry on in detail, I guess you readers out there would wither like how Danliang and I did.

Danliang had to re-do the analysis and send it to Siva again. I guess she'd be occupied with that and her dad's work. So after the disappearing footsteps of Danliang, I'm left wondering how miserable I'd be, as Siva promised, from that day onwards. Not too bad I suppose. Even with the critcs we got from Siva, there were approvals as well. It's this motivation which got me more prepped up than I would be after knowing I'm going to work alone. The world really works on motivation as Siva said.

Okay. Enough said, more to be found in future posts. =)

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