Monday, 21 May 2007

Internation Museum Day Launch

It was the first time that I ever saw someone as important as our Minister of Information, Communication and the Arts Dr Lee Boon Yang give a speech in front of me. Live leh! It's live okie? So exciting!!!

Ruoyu and I was invited to the International Museum Day opening launch held at the National Museum of Singapore on Fri 18/5/07. First thing that struck us when we arrived at the location was that: why are there no seats? There were only a few tables scattered around where people would congregate around and start chatting, or 'networking'. It was kind of an eye-opener for me. Talk about socialising. Otterman initially wanted to talk to us about the upcoming gallery guiding, but he was so engrossed talking to a bunch of people (i thought at that time that it was probably the first time he met them...) about the power of blogging. So... Ruoyu and I are not the only people he gives lectures to :P

Anyway, the speech by Dr Lee was extremely informative. Not that I could catch all of it, but it was enough. I never knew, until it was reflected in his speech, the drastic revolution of museums in Singapore and all over the world, from being merely a storage and exhibition space for artefacts to using technology, such as that employed by the Singapore Science Centre when talking about their exhibits, to explain things in a more interesting and clear manner. Like what's advertised on the Science Centre webpage: "With interactive exhibits to touch, see and hear, students would have a better understanding of the scientific principles involved and, at the same time, appreciate the impact of scientific and technological advances on their lives." (Accessed Singapore Science Centre|Programmes|Science Exhibition on 21/5/07) I also never knew about the usage of internet, to create online resources such that people can view the artefacts from the comfort of their own homes. The speech by Dr Lee in its entirety can be viewed at

Dr Lee also mentioned in his speech of working closely with tour operators Luxury Tours, City Tours and Duck Tours to launch new tours specialising in museums and our heritage in the future. These tours are catered for Singaporeans, especially the general public. In fact, we had a taste of what is upcoming, as we were taken for a short 1hr bus tour around the city area by each of the 3 tour agencies in turn. (A bus by one agency, think it was City Tours picked us up at the National Museum and a guide showed us around, then dropped us at a certain location and then we were picked up by a bus from the second agency and so on.. you get the idea?) While travelling on the bus the guides pointed out famous locations such as Ford Canning Hill, Singapore River, the War Memorial etc. They also explained much of the history behind these architecture which also serves to reflect the history of Singapore. Because this is not going to be a history lesson, I'm not going to talk about them, but interested readers may want to sign up for any of these tours, which will be held over the next two months.

I have to blog about the food! So extremely scrumptious! Fit for a minister, I'd say! Wahahahhaa.... There was cream puff, small cute little sandwiches, chicken leg, chicken pie, 'crystal bao' with sweet sauce, small mushroom pies, a great variety of cakes and oh dear, I can't remember what else. And the syrup drink doesn't taste like cough medicine, for once. Haha... Hungry just thinking about that. ^^

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