Thursday, 17 May 2007


Here's a little post that's running late, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet. The Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium's happening real soon on next Tuesday(22nd May 2007)! And I'm proud to say my name's up there! Haha, not as a speaker like Mr. Siva, as a reference for registration matters. In any cases, that's enough to make me all glow with adrenalin.

The big reaction's probably due to the fact that I've never handled registration matters before. Let alone such a major congregation. Initially there were some confusions about the day the event would take place on. Some thought it was on both the 22nd and 23rd of May. This information is only misleading if you visit the homepage of the symposium without reading any other relevant articles with background information. I guess confusion's all in the package when you have such major events happening. This can be salvaged from further misleads by quick action, as Danliang and I witnessed Siva's hurried amendments with Snap&Drag, GraphicConverter and his handy pixel ruler upon discovering the flaws.

The objective of this event is to celebrate World Biodiversity Day(22nd May) and the 300th birthday of Linnaeus(23rd May). On the homepage, the year 2007 was initially left behind those dates, leading to confusion despite the event day being bolded as 22nd May 2007. That was quickly rectified by An Nee who's kindly volunteered to design the symposium's webpage. Now it's doubtless as everything's cleared up!

Airani's in charge of catering for the event and I've shared my somewhat organised spreadsheet with her. It has the primary details of the person and affiliation and secondary details of the person themselves. This reflects how widespread the community is interested enough to sign up with this event, and allows us at the museum, to know the various backgrounds of the people that will be listening to the talk. Airani is also able to get a gauge on how many people she must cater for. Besides, these people can be contacted should there be another event with related topics. An increase in the biodiversity community is probably one of the ways we can increase awareness of biodiversity in Singapore effectively. Thus, killing many birds with one stone. =)

Anyway, for all out there, the Biodiversity of Singapore Symposium II (2007)'s information is just a click away! ^^ For people who are interested, please register as soon as possible, and for those who have already registered, see you all this coming Tuesday!!

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