Sunday, 20 May 2007

Getting to know you

The raffles museum of biodiversity research's the place where I intern at and yet, I was clueless of the exhibits and history of the museum.

This fact of horror was discovered by Siva as he told me to direct him to the various exhibits to be highlighted to the public. I've only been in there once to stroll around, looking and not observing the huge preserved animals. I was just fascinated to see the creatures fossilized and poised in action as if they were still alive and breathing.

Anyway, Danliang and I were set on a mission to guide the public on the 23rd of May around our Museum as part of the programe that celebrates International Museum Day. We were given a list of ten animals to work with. Basically, finding information about these species and the stories behind them that relates them to Singapore.

It was a daunting task that took us only 50 minutes as Siva put us up to the time challenge. Nevertheless, we drafted up information through sifting between wikipedia and some raffles museum archives. Occasionally, articles online as well.

All this information was to be our content for the tours, and we were fortunately, trained by a Toddycat, Gwynne. Her friendliness and maze of knowledge for the exhibits and the museum made the whole process of presenting and hearing critics about myself so much easier. There're so much to learn about the art of presentation and the correct details and facts about each exhibit that more research needs to be done for the second round of training.

There will be three rounds in total, so I better gather my thoughts together and conduct a visual imagery tour before I present it once again to Gwynne. I only hope she doesn't find it boring as she's been doing this for almost three years already. As she said: " This is my 80 millionth time doing this so I know pretty much everything around here. " Enough said about the well of information she has about the museum don't you think so?

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