Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The nitty-gritties of work, expanded

Mr Siva's evening lecture was so long (1hr) it will probably have to be split up into different blog posts again.

Anyway first up, his comments on our work and how we can improve it.

1) We had a spreadsheet entitled "Daily log". Okie, admit it, none of you guys out there know what that means right? Actually it's a log of what we interns did in work, and it's updated on a daily basis, (or rather, as and when we remember...) So there you go, the importance of titles and precision again. No I'm not going on a long lecture one more time (see post on scanning "blue plan"), but, there you go again, the title needs to be self explanatory. Oh anyway I changed the title to "Daily log of activity of interns in RMBR". Equally stupid title, but I'll think of a better one. Hopefully.

And I think the next time titles and precision appears in a lecture by Mr Siva again, I'll just omit it in the blog entry. Lol. Actually, what I should do is make sure he never talks about precision again. Okie I shall aim for it, lol.

2) We have to create a Google calendar and share it with Mr Siva. He wants to know what we are doing. And because we have stuff that we have to do everyday (update RBZ book review, see links; update the Daily log blah blah spreadsheet), listing these activities in Google calendar helps us remember. I mean, instead of remembering the things that we have to do, why not just list them down in Google calendar, and just remember to check Google calendar everyday?

3) That time I was looking for online journals for Mr Siva and I managed to find 4 out of 5. He actually managed to find the last one! Oh dear. Anyway he taught me that I should just go into NUS library's E-resources and search for the journal itself, not the article. Sigh. Next time I know how to search for online journals.

4) He mentioned about the "blue plan", which I blogged about in an earlier post here:

5) This one is not exactly about our work, but rather an extension of the "blue plan" lecture. He mentioned that he has many files in his computer (those who haven't seen it won't be able to imagine the extent. The desktop of his computer was filled/cluttered/whatever with icons AFTER he organised his files). So anyway, he said because he has too many files, he should avoid deep folders else it will be hard to locate a specific file. Which is true. I guess no one will want to keep on clicking and clicking on folders and more folders just to get to a specific file.

But if we really have to search for a specific file on a Mac computer (must be Mac OS 10 Tiger okie?), we can use... *drums rolling* Spotlight! It's the search tool in Mac OS X Tiger, fyi.

Because this entry is getting long, and also because I haven't really explored Spotlight, it'll be reserved for a later entry. ^^


Sivasothi said...

This was upbeat and fun to read!

Yeah was good you renamed the spreadsheet - wait until you have >60 spreadsheets and five of them are called "daily logs"!

Well hopefully not so soon...

Sivasothi said...

When you do your Spotlight search, include Google Desktop, which works for Windows users as well.