Friday, 11 May 2007

the art of writing (for blogs, at least)

Believe it or not, these blog posts have been re-edited by us amateur bloggers as best as we can, after some comments by Mr Siva on how we can improve on the way we present stuff. Here are some pointers that he gave us:

1) We have to understand the medium on which we are writing. In this case, we're posting on a blog, which is a medium to express our opinions quickly. Therefore, we can be informal while writing. We don't have to stick to rigid use of language, we don't need to follow a certain style of writing with an introduction and a conclusion, we are merely expressing our thoughts and opinions on the internship. And of course what we learnt in the meantime. In other words, we can portray our personality in the blog.

(Oh btw I think I've been somewhat serious in all the blog posts. Actually the writing style I'm used to is informal, way too informal I'd say, for the "formal" intern blog? :P Just thought I'd clarify)

2) We have to understand the audience, in other words, the people we are writing to, the people who are reading the stuff we write. So, I gather that since we are writing for Mr Siva, we have to be somewhat formal, and courteous. After all, he's the boss, right? :P Anyway anyway, because people usually do not make the time and effort to read lengthly entries in blogs, (people usually read blogs to relax, right?) he asked us to make the entries bite-sized. We can split long entries into short posts. Yet these short posts should stand alone.

3) the title is important. In the case of blogging, it should capture the imagination of people. Just like in the case of newspaper headlines, people usually read the title and then decide whether they want to read it or not. So now I gotta start agonizing over a catchy title for this boring post. =/ The thing is, Mr Siva said that the title should be short enough to preserve the punchline, yet still provide enough information.

And I never really cared when I blogged last time (for my frens). Every post had the title "Another boring day", something like that. But then I figured no one reads the titles anyway. *Shrugs*. Oh well, this is for a... different audience.. I guess... =/

All right, since we should keep in mind the importance of "bite-sized entries", this'll end my post for the day. Ciaoz.

PS: For the first time since posting here, I spent less than 3 hrs crafting an entry. so happy~~ ^^

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