Thursday, 17 May 2007

I confess...

We are bad girls.

We make both the lifts in S6 (that's the building that houses the Raffles Museum) come down to the basement level where we're waiting at, when we wish to travel up. It's done by pressing the corresponding buttons outside of the lift for both. Since the two lifts are not connected, both come down.

We should not have be so inconsiderate! We could have gotten one lift to come down and let the other lift serve people on other levels of S5.

For that matter, we should not have used the lift and used the stairs instead. We are young, we need to be energetic, we need to have drive, spice, whatever. Cos we are only young once!

And with regards to that, it's good to be enthusiastic and bubbly too! And have a positive outlook in whatever we do, including work! Else what for are we living? We are just wasting resources on our planet if we remain depressed all the time.

Precisely because of this, we should have passion for our work! The word is passion. We should immerse ourselves in it. We should like what we are doing. Only by doing so will we perform our job well.

But we are thinking individuals, we cannot follow blind passion. We need to know why we are doing the job before we can build passion for it. For that, we need to know the objective. For example, if we are guiding people in the museum, we need to know our purpose: to educate the public. We have to know conservation efforts in Singapore, how every person's efforts matter. Knowledge of the objective will build up passion for the job.

All right then, I just finished a summary of Otterman's (that's Mr Siva) lecture. On core values, this time. Hopefully, in an interesting enough manner. As what he says: we should always think of the audience. The aim is to interest and entertain, yet educate at the same time. ^^

PS: a must add! we have to eat well so that we will have enough energy to be passionate and enthusiastic and active wahahaha :P weird though, this coming from Otterman as I think i've seen him skip lunch a few times. perhaps he eats extremely fulfilling breakfasts :)


Sivasothi said...

Ha-ha! You forgot to add, don;t go hungry else difficult to be passionate!

Very important for Wednesday when you have a full guiding schedule.

~LeMoN~ said...

lolololololool -_____-"" okie added