Friday, 22 June 2007

Museums galore!

I was doing the administrates for claiming taxi fares when I came across an abbreviation - MOFF. Initially I thought it was some Ministry of bla bla bla. But I just couldn't get my hands on it.

Then, it hit me that it's got to be some Museum. And thanks to the amazing search engine Google, I've found more than I've bargained for - an entire list of museums in Singapore! They've formed an association known as the Museum Roundtable.

Internship's really a discovery process when Siva lets me have the time to explore. =P Else I'd never have known there were these much places holding Singapore's culture and heritage. And some still say Singapore's hopeless for her heritage.

Well, now we know otherwise! 42 museums around Singapore to keep the culture and heritage hungry Singaporean satisfied. Here's the list of Museums along with a general map to let you give you a rough idea of the locations of the museums.

Like me, I guess you readers out there's forgotten the reason why I've stumbled upon this list.

*Imagining Siva berating me for my porous memory* =P

Anyway, there it is. MOFF stands for Memories at Old Ford Factory. Which reminds me that I've got to read up on it. Right Siva? =P

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