Friday, 1 June 2007


I've just returned from the Museum of Shanghai Toys (MoST) with the full intention of promoting that amazing hideout spot! It's located at 83 Rowell Road. Some little shop along Serangoon road. Check out more details on how to get there in the MoST's blog!

The taxi driver and I had a little trouble finding MoST, but we made it and I was opened up into a wonderful place. Marvin the curator and founder of the museum, was very warm and friendly. The reason why this fairyland exists in reality Singapore, is fueled basically by the interest of Marvin. Find out more by clicking here!

It's amazing how many toy soldiers and dolls you can find there. And the age of those toys go way back to the 20's! The layout of the museum is systematic too. The toys were exhibited by themes and there are three levels to it just like RMBR. The bottom level's mainly full of cuddly stuffed animals that people will buy. Come to think of it, it seems like a cross between a display and a souvenir shop.

One feature I like about the first level's that the music's all Disney themed and mostly tunes that I'd come across as a child. It really makes you sink into the tiny form and brain that was once you years ago (if you're an adult now). Another section of the museum that got me excited was the whole range of turnstile machines that the have. I used to go crazy over them when I was a little girl and even when I was budding into my teenage years. And there they have it all splayed in front of me. Pity the mindless desire's gone, else I could have seeked Marvin's and Siva's permission to camp there and drop $1s in till I'm satisfied.

The second floor was exhibition and a little entertainment room for kids. This was mainly the exhibition part where explanations are decked out in white print on red cards. The fraction of fear I have for dolls derived from my close friend Kim Hong from her experience with the movie Chucky, was partially gone as I saw how much love he put in to explain their origins and the history to be delved from each exhibit. It's pretty much like the exhibits in the RMBR. Each has a local story that never fails to bore a curious child. As mentioned, a tiny space allocated for children, to entertain them with black and white cartoons. This really makes you move all the way back into the old times when TV didn't know about rainbows. It was tempting all the same to grab a chair that's small for people with tiny behinds, and see what ancient cartoons people from my dad's era used to watch about.

I wandered into the third level next and found this cool spot where you can sit and relax. In front of this cosy corner is a classroom for little kids to learn how to make toys. Like creating your own teddy bear. It's really cool just thinking how someone with a passion for toys, is doing so much to open his interest to the world. It's like the saying, "Spread the love...".

That was it. A nice little museum with enormous and generous amounts to share with the kid in everybody.


Shaun said...

thanks for the plug ruo yu, and for helping out with the scans. Glad to know you'd a good time at the museum. Plugged your post here as well.

Ruo Yu said...

Wow.. It's cool to be featured on MoST! Will return the scans as soon as I get them done! ^^