Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Googling Earth for ICCS

Siva decided to give the maps in International Coastal Cleanup, Singapore (ICCS) website an overhaul – an upgrade from the streetdirectory.com maps to Google Earth – and he entrusted me with this major map revamp assignment. After giving me a mini Google Earth tutorial, I was left to figure out the rest on my own.

I got to the ICCS website immediately and looked at the maps for each zones. (Gulp! Gonna have a tough time…)

ICCS map for Changi Zone. Imagine this in Google Earth.

Shock time over, and I began marking down the places steadily in Google Earth. It’s not so horrifying after all because I’m armed with the latest Singapore Street Directory 2007!

I started marking down on 19 June 2007 and am finally done with the first run on 26 June 2007. A little preview on the future ICCS maps and my lovely artwork:

The same Changi Zone in Google Earth.

Hooray! Hooray!! First run is finally over! No more popping eyes and mad shuffling between ICCS website, Google Earth, and Singapore Street Directory 2007!

However, just when I’m on cloud nine, Siva called for me: ‘Wenxian, go find out about Google Maps and see how these Google Earth maps can be integrated into it.’ *Gulp.*

(Sequel coming soon!)

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Singeo said...

Let me know if you need any help getting your Google Earth placemarks into Google Maps. I'll be happy to help out, looks like yours is a very worthwhile project.