Sunday, 10 June 2007

Museum Alive

It was a vibrant burst of life when the clock struck 11.40am on late Friday morning. Siva's friend David appeared with his, (if I'm allowed to use this adjective), troop off family members.

The entire family

They brought life with sounds and actions to the otherwise placid and dead quiet museum. It was a refreshing change. Above all, they all had the right responses; gasping and intercepting with oohs and ahhs at the right moment. Moments like when I told them the pasir panjang shark had human remains in its gut. It was the first time I experienced shock disbelief out loud from 14 people in unison - adults and children alike!

Beaming for the camera once again

Excited little kids

All in all, the tour ended and everyone was happy to learn something new in one way or another. Even if it's a short one hour of guiding, it definitely made my day. =)

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