Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Another lesson learnt during internship's to backup my files. Normally, I don't back up because I don't see a need to. It's usually school projects that involve many people. Thus our backup would most probably mean each individual has a copy and that suffices.

Apparently that would be standing at the edge of a 101 level building with an ongoing typhoon when you're in a working environment. Always thinking that the world's going smoothly's just paving a way towards misery later on as I realised. And that is one path Siva's been trying to get us interns out of.

The possibility of accidents happening such as water spilling over the laptop, the dog running over wires and tripping it, the computer crashing or even a power failure, can cause severe and prolonged misery of losing information. I guess that's why there are programs which auto saves information like Blogger.

Anyway aside from that fact, Siva pointed out that I should make a copy of the scanned articles of MoST. Absentmindedly, I gave him his thumb drive without any notice on what's inside. The fact that he could have deleted them to derive more space on his thumb drive didn't hit me then. Well, it certainly dropped an impact when I asked for it yesterday.

I guess backups are apt for people with weak hearts. And for the general population too for that matter. Even if something ominous happens to the file that will get you the million dollar contract, you'll still be able to walk away a happy millionaire. If you backup that is.

Suggestions on what to backup

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Sivasothi said...

Sometimes when everyone thinks someone will backup, no one will. Can get quite scary.

Worth reading this email from 1999.